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Welcome to Spirit Guide Mastery

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In this lesson we cover how the course works, and what you will need to get started.

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Here are a few free resources for you to learn more about Spirit Guide and how I work with them. For a complete description of Spirit Guide Mastery and frequently asked questions, hit the button below:

Learn More!

If you’re not sure what Spirit Guides are or are wanting to hear a few more details on how I work with them, tune into the Adventures with Spirit podcast. We did a full episode just on Spirit Guides!

---> Click here to listen to the episode <---

Guided meditation acts like an activation and takes you deeper into your Soul Landscape and connection with Spirit. You’ll meet one of your Spirit Guides during this Soul Journey and begin the process of forming a relationship with them. In class, I’ll guide you even deeper and give you details on how to actually work with your Spirit Guides on a daily basis.

Learn how important focused intention is to connecting with your Team. When you join Spirit Guide Mastery, you’ll also discover that it’s super important to not only connect with your Spirit Guides during meditation, but also in everyday life. This calling-in exercise is an introduction to a tool we will be using throughout class, and is used before you connect to your Guides.

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