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Soul Tarot in Real Life is a FREE series exploring the first 5 Major Arcana energies of Rider Waite-based tarot, using Spirit and your Soul as your guide.

The goal for Soul Tarot in Real Life is to make the tarot accessible, by connecting each Major Arcana card to your own personal experience. By tapping into your own inner voice and wisdom, the tarot comes alive in ways it never has before. Your everyday experiences matter, and once you begin to connect the tarot to your own personal story, you are able to use it as a tool for empowerment and deep spiritual connection—that's why it's called Soul Tarot.

You're going to sit with each Major Arcana card and explore:

  • What does this card mean to me?
  • What part of my story or journey is reflected in this card?
  • How do I want to apply the wisdom of this card in my life?

These are big questions and no two people's answers to them will be the same. When you realize that there isn't going to be a singular guidebook that will fit all people, you unlock the space and freedom to make the tarot your own.

Each card in the Soul Tarot in Real Life series comes with:

  • An Introspection
  • Journal Prompts & Exploration Questions
  • Journal Pages
  • Exploration Layout
  • Soul Journey Audio Track
  • Soul Journey Transcript

From The Fool to The Emperor, join this FREE journey through Soul Tarot in Real Life today and begin to unlock your own unique connection to the tarot, Spirit, and your Inner Voice!

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