Soul Tarot 101

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Soul Tarot 101 Preview

Enjoy this preview of the beginning of Soul Tarot 101 as you begin your journey to empower yourself to take action and move forward in life.

Soul Tarot 101

We’ve All Been There…

It feels like either everything is changing around you at lightning speed or you’re stuck in the mud and at a complete standstill. It’s these moments in life where you could move ahead, if only you had more clarity about what was happening around you.

You need an intuitive tool that will help you get perspective. Something that will help you stop spinning out and really get a clear look at what is going on in the present moment. If you could just connect directly to your soul and get some answers, you’d have the confidence to move forward…

You do have access to this very tool—the tarot

Your tarot deck holds the potential to help you navigate even the most challenging times — if you know how to use it.


Soul Tarot 101

Remember: You are naturally intuitive

You hear soul whispers and you see signs.

You’ve been following those “nudges” and know you’re connected to something bigger than yourself.

You’ve seen how the magic unfolds when you listen to the guidance and wisdom that comes from your soul...

All you need is a tool that makes it easy to tap into your soul’s voice on-demand—rather than just letting it “happen”.

This is where Soul Tarot comes in.

You need to understand how the cards speak to you, so you can unlock what your soul is telling you daily.

In Soul Tarot 101, you’re going to:

  • Stop second guessing yourself.

  • Trust that your intuition works—and that the cards and your soul are speaking to you.

  • Empower yourself to take action and move forward in life.

Are you ready to have a strong soul connection with your tarot deck? In this small group coaching, you will: 

🌟 Learn the foundations of tarot, without the stress of having to memorize all the meanings of the cards.

🌟 Discover how tarot speaks to you, getting the clarity you need, when you need it.

🌟 Build your intuitive connection to the cards, so you can feel more confident about what your soul and the cards are telling you.

🌟 Create your own unique tarot lexicon, clearing the way forward to use meanings that resonate with you and your current journey—not the meanings everyone says that you should use.

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